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Their Engagement Party Was Very Normal. What Happened After That Left Me In Tears.

Aly and Anthony Femia got engaged on December 14, 2012. Ever since that moment, they have been excitedly planning the day that would mark the beginning of their life together. When the happy couple originally celebrated their engagement, they were planning on getting married in September 2015. They wanted to wait until Aly finished graduate school and Anthony recovered from shoulder surgery. But then, something tragic happened that made them rethink everything. Aly and Anthony were happily […]

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What Happened At This Couple’s Wedding Is Unbelievable. Just Keep Looking In The Background…

Most people plan weddings and hope the event goes off without a hitch. More often than not, there will be a handful of hiccups… but usually those hiccups aren’t large-scale, dangerous wildfires. When Michael and April Wolber were about to get married at Rock Springs Ranch in Oregon, a group of firetrucks pulled up. The Two Bulls wildfire was close to their location and headed straight for them. Instead of letting the bad news ruin their wedding […]

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Groom Surprises His Bride With A Musical Show During The Best Man Speech.

John wanted to do something special to show his new wife, Irene, how much she meant to him. He wanted to make her feel like the center of attention, so he had a musical called “Centerpiece” composed for the occasion. John performed the musical with the help of some of their friends and loved ones at their wedding reception. In the middle of the Best Man speech, the entire wedding party broke into song. Irene’s reaction to […]

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