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Forget Sleeping. These 15 Real Ghost Stories Are Going To Keep You Up Tonight.

Every day, odd circumstances and stories happen all around the world. Regardless of if you believe in the paranormal, there are some stories that might keep your skin crawling because of how strange and real the events are. Even if normal ghost and ghoul tales don’t keep you up at night, these may. It’s not strange paranormal activity and demons you need to worry about, it’s the people and their stories that will haunt you. You may need to suspend disbelief to let these […]

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Cab Drivers In Japan Are Having A Big Problem With Ghostly Passengers

Imagine that you’re a taxi driver in Ishinomaki, Japan. You pick up a young passenger and ask for her destination. She tells you that she’s headed to the Minamiyama District, which is strange because no one ever goes to the Minamiyama District — not since the tsunami, anyway. You tell her this and she asks, “Have I died?” When you turn around, she is no longer there. Ghost passengers are apparently a common sight among taxi drivers […]

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