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Trapped by Game Master Spy Pumpkin Patch with Stephen Sharer! (Escape Room Riddles and Clues)

Hey Zamfam it’s Rebecca and right now Matt and I are driving up to our cabin in Big Bear and we have Stephen and grace behind us because it is not safe here you guys saw in my last video that Matt I went on a Halloween treasure hunt and found secret hidden clues in the final clue revealed that Stephen share is going to be pumpkin patches next target so when I talk to the game […]

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They Opened Their Aunt’s Safe And Found Relics From A Disturbing Era

Redditor seltsame just inherited a very old house from her mother’s aunt Greta. She was born in East Prussia in 1921, but fled to Germany in the 1940s. Along with the house, seltsame inherited a creepy metal chest. She knew that Greta had lived an interesting life, but she didn’t know that it was on this level. Anything kept in a rusty chest like this can’t be good. Reddit / seltsame Creepy key: check! Reddit / seltsame […]

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