Trapped by Game Master Spy Pumpkin Patch with Stephen Sharer! (Escape Room Riddles and Clues)

Hey Zamfam it’s Rebecca and right now Matt and I are driving up to our cabin in Big Bear and we have Stephen and grace behind us because it is not safe here you guys saw in my last video that Matt I went on a Halloween treasure hunt and found secret hidden clues in the final clue revealed that Stephen share is going to be pumpkin patches next target so when I talk to the game master talk to the game master there’s a lot of things I have to tell you but it’s not safe I’m gonna wait till we get up to the cabin okay exactly what’s going on right now okay well do you remember when I said I was getting DIY Halloween supplies at the store yeah I wasn’t actually doing that I was exploring an abandoned a Halloween town and spying on someone named pumpkin patch wait wait Matt I don’t know how to say this because it’s gonna sound confusing I’m working for the game master what Beck what I said I’m working for the game master Rebecca how could you do that I mean I think he actually might be good he’s having me spy on someone that is a potential slacker for YouTube channels with over 1 million subscribers wait so you know the identity of the game master is it Stephen Sharer and Chad Wild Clay could it be project zorgo or no I actually I don’t I don’t I don’t know who it is okay so you’re trying to tell me that you’re trusting somebody that you don’t even know who’s hypnotized you you haven’t told me yet I was told I couldn’t tell you and I wanted to protect you how long has this been going on not long to process this okay Zamfam so I told Matt a lot of you guys told me that I should give this video a thumbs up if you agree with me and you think I did the right thing obviously he’s not exactly happy right now but I just feel like I had to do it he’s my husband and I don’t care if the game master gets mad at me I couldn’t keep lying to him oh my gosh he’s so upset with me oh my gosh seeing him I don’t know what to give him the game master just communicated with me and I didn’t even have the device and usually I have the device in he must have hacked into my phone that’s so weird oh my gosh is this find the three secret items in an outside of this so house emoji you must not be seen be out before 6 p.m.

And then there’s three drawings up here and zamfam what do you think that means right there which is hey that I’m really sorry but I just got this note and we have to get the items from pumpkin patches house okay I’m looking at this paper and there’s no address how do you know how to get there wait matt black heart and a light zamfam black heart and a light would equal black light did you guys comment that in the comment section below I think that might be it let me get my black light okay Matt let me see the paper okay okay look okay there’s nothing on this this looks like a black square guys it looks like an address Malibu California okay zamfam so it looks like we need to take a detour oh I’m going to Big Bear and stop by this house in Malibu where it looks like pumpkin patch might be staying I don’t know what these three items are for but we have to get them so we’ll just have Stephen and grace follow us Matt let’s get going Beck what’s going on it’s not working the steering wheel is locked we got to go get Steven and Gracie secret camping oh my god hey although our car broke down it’s not working can we get in yours please all explain everything okay you guys do I find me told Matt I’m working for the game master but they are too what I wouldn’t say that no we’re not but he’s good right yeah I don’t know if he’s good yeah that’s why we’re coming to figure this out okay so I got this note from the game master and it says to find these three items outside of a house and I haven’t interests and I think if we go there you guys I’m gonna prove to you that pumpkin patch is one that’s bad not to game master yeah it was a note in the glove box to check this out oh my gosh it’s the exact same kind of no but how do we know where we go there’s no address oh oh there it is it got me the same address you guys so it looks like we each have to find three items but then we have to be out before six wait what happens at let’s not find out let me get her something about beekeeping we gotta go it’s that way yeah right there hang on tight let’s go I think because we have a lot to do and you guys have to get through and we get three you guys take the outside we take the inside look you guys are walkie talkie yeah here take one we get split up go to channel 4 channel 4 channel for testing over and out over Bauer okay guys so if you guys see anyone come in let us know and we’ll do the same for you okay over it out Ok Zamfam so we’re here where we think pumpkin patch is staying in Los Angeles right now Stephen and grace want to go look outside I have these clues I have to do so I have to find a way to get inside the house I don’t think he’s here right now I think that’s why it says get the out before we have till to do this but it is so okay site and see if there’s any way we can get in through the back Hey look there’s a door right there my gosh it looks like nothing’s even been used in here do you think pumpkin patch is staying here right now so I have the walkie talkie so I can communicate with Steven and grace if they see anything they’re gonna let me know if I see anything I’m gonna let them know so look oh my gosh you guys this is like it’s like a secret hideout do you guys remember when I did 24 hours in a tiny space in my room this is like what it looks like the mine was open but you can stand up in there this is so big it’s like a hit in the room but it’s actually big like I’m standing up and then there’s like a bed this is like living in a tiny room it’s so tiny wait a second this is it this is one of them you guys this is the first one zamfam do you remember at the pumpkin patch there’s a carved pumpkin and you took something out I think this is what you took oh well we have to get the two other items to game master said we have to be out before because I think pumpkin patch might be coming back okay you guys I have to tell Stephen and grace that I found the first clue Stephen grace I found the first clue what it’s like a black purse what did you guys find okay one down two to go let’s keep going back this feels like an escape so far it doesn’t look like pumpkin patches even beanie heck what this isn’t a masters lying I told you the keymaster oh my god you remember when we went on the treasure these were the clues our pumpkin patch has been leaving it’s the same thing that was on peanut at the cabin I know wait that was pumpkin patch at the cabin not the game master you guys remember I got three of the balls on the treasure hunt and this is the notepad that pumpkin patch has been using to write notes to us okay so now it looks like we’re in the kitchen oh another ball do you think on it there’s a C on it zamfam you remember in my last video there was three balls and they had different letters and I don’t remember what they are if you can comment it below maybe this is the fourth one it said that we needed four letters one of four yeah so do you think this is the fourth one what is the word spell what are the letters I don’t have it on me and I need to know so Oh guys this could also be this I think that’s exactly we have two of them back so we found two so we only need one more okay okay you guys pumpkin patches here I have to warn Stephen and grace Stephen and grace can you hear me pumpkin patches here you need to hide Stephen grace you’re not responding pumping your magic got them also zamfam you guys know we have two of the police but we’re missing the third one which is a box and it says we have to be out before it’s almost I think it’s too risky to go inside I think we have to head out back there’s one room we haven’t checked yet what it’s the garage I think wait in there do you think it might be in there it’s gotta be do you see it I see a big box that might be it oh my gosh zamfam I want you to comment below if you think we should go back into the house and try to get that or if you think we should just leave I vote that we should be I think we need to go look at all go you’re gonna go I don’t want you to get caught by pumpkin patch there’s a reason the game master said to be out before you gonna is the garage I am so it looks like Matt is inside right now mr.

box is it it’s like someone’s coming or something he’s like moving her and he’s getting Matt’s getting in the box right now like he’s on a call right now with somebody pumpkin patch just got off the phone I don’t know who he’s talking to you that is still he’s a master chess right here effective employee we have to get Matt out you .

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