They Opened Their Aunt’s Safe And Found Relics From A Disturbing Era

Redditor seltsame just inherited a very old house from her mother’s aunt Greta. She was born in East Prussia in 1921, but fled to Germany in the 1940s.

Along with the house, seltsame inherited a creepy metal chest. She knew that Greta had lived an interesting life, but she didn’t know that it was on this level.

Anything kept in a rusty chest like this can’t be good.

Creepy key: check!

Weird lion face on the outside: check!

This is what she found inside.

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It was a collection of pictures, postcards, and letters from Greta’s life in Hamburg. Let’s take a closer look at that book.

Well, I can’t say that I’m surprised.

Did there really need to be an author photo?

Here are some handsome young men in handsome Hitler Youth uniforms!

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A postcard with the Nazi symbol stamped onto it. Precious.

This card is from 1944, and it reads, “A house destroyed by the enemy.”


Given that she fled from the Russians after they invaded Prussia, it’s possible that she developed a nationalistic fondness for the country to which she fled. But still…come on, Aunt Greta!

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