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What This Guy Found In His Kitchen Is Fuel For My Nightmares. I Would Burn My House Down.

A guy posted these photos online with the simple title, “I found this in my kitchen…” I regret all of the curiosity that made me find out exactly what he found, so I thought it was absolutely necessary to spread the nightmare. I shouldn’t suffer alone tonight when trying to sleep. So there was this hole in the wall… and a wasp kept returning to it. reddit user: tomi1 So, like the brave soul he is, the […]

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Here Are 25 Kids That Gave Absolutely Brilliant Answers On Their Tests. These Are Hysterically Genius.

You’re probably already aware of the phrase, “kids say the darndest things.” Well, it is a saying for good reason. Our little proteges, whether they are toddlers or teens, are more aware and clever than most people give them credit for. Their growing minds are like sponges (with attitudes). So don’t be surprised if you ever discover how awesomely hilarious some children are. You’re not convinced? Well, here’s 25 awesome examples. 1.) Simple, elegant and hilarious. 2.) […]

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Why This Woman Was Sentenced To Death Is Totally Absurd… But Unfortunately Very Real.

Meriam Ibrahim is a 27 year-old Sudanese woman that is facing religious persecution so severe, it may end in her own death. Her father was Muslim, but she was raised as a Christian. As an adult, she made the decision to marry a Christian man… and is now in jail for it. She was sentenced to death by the Sudanese government for this “crime.” She was 8 months pregnant with her second child at the time of […]

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36 Amazingly Crazy Ideas That The World Needs Right Now.

Have you ever had one of those moments where the most amazing idea just comes to you out of the blue? It’s crazy, right? Call it an exponential download, or whatever you like. Once you have a genius idea, you’re just inspired by your own creativity. Your next thought is, of course: “How come no one’s ever done that before? It’s genius!” Well, we’ve compiled a list of the best crazy ideas we can find. If you’re looking for […]

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These 20 Notes From Kids Prove The Future Is NOT Doomed After All. These Are GREAT.

In general, adults don’t give children enough credit. Just because they are smaller than us and terrible spellers, that doesn’t mean there isn’t a creative and hilarious brain inside of their heads. These notes written by REAL children will make you realize just how awesome some kids can be. If you’re not a parent already, this will definitely make you consider it. 1. The sky’s the limit, kid! 2. He learned to be honest at a young […]

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