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Just When You Think You Know What This Animal Is… You’re Wrong. And Really Confused.

There’s an animal you probably don’t know… but you’re about to find out why you should. It’s called the Mangalitsa and it hails from Hungary circa 1830. It’s healthy, it puts on a lot of weight, and supposedly it tastes fantastic. Oh… and it looks a lot like a sheep. But nope. It’s not a sheep. It’s a…. PIG. Archduke Joseph Anton Johann decided to cross some Sumadija pigs with Bakony (mmm, bakon) and Szalonta pigs, which […]

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These 16 Photos Show Just How Important (And Cute) Teamwork Really Is.

The best friends we have are always the ones who are there to give you a hand when you need it most. It could be as simple as a small encouraging message or gesture, but it can also be as literal as this hilarious and adorable photos show.  Whether it’s animals or humans, one thing is for sure: it’s easier to get stuff done when you work together. It’s also more fun. 1.) These little troublemakers. Bajiroo 2.) This […]

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Here Are 16 Animals Totally Busted In The Act. #12 Is So Gross.

Despite what you think, animals know when we’re paying attention. They watch carefully to see if we’re looking, and when they might finally have a chance to cut loose, they do with hilarious results. That’s why I’ve always wanted to put a camera in the house when I leave, but I’ve been too lazy to do it. Thank goodness these people did it for me! Because when mommy and daddy are away, your pets will play! 1. […]

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