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‘I love you people’: Donald Trump ‘might buy a farm’ in Iowa

Donald Trump gave a very short concession speech Monday night in Iowa, and those who were expecting the fireworks from the first debate had to settle fora very happy looking second-place finisher who vowed to go on to beat Hillary Clinton or “whoever the hell they throw up there.” For his family and his supporters, though, Trump had nothing but love to express. Zing! Read more: http://twitchy.com/2016/02/01/i-love-you-people-second-place-donald-trump-might-buy-a-farm-in-iowa/

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Thanks to FLOTUS, Iowans ‘TOTALLY PUMPED’ to vote Bruce ‘Bailey,’ USMC vet

http://twitter.com/#!/duchessrebecca/status/520686020728467456 Wendy Davis’ campaign team wins hands down the award for worst campaign move of the day with its “tasteless Hail Mary” ad featuring an empty wheelchair. Coming in a distant second, though, is the Bruce Braley campaign, which convinced Michelle Obama to head to Des Moines, Iowa, to speak at a rally at Drake University. The problem isn’t that Braley agreed to appear onstage with an Obama; rather, as widely reported, the first lady didn’t seem to know […]

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