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He Began Mowing Lawns For His Elderly Neighbors, Which Grew Into Something Great

Most college kids have part-time jobs in between classes and study sessions, but this senior at Alabama Agricultural and Mechanical University started his own lawn care company for the elderly. Here’s the thing, though. He doesn’t actually make any money doing it. It started as a simple act of kindness, but once Rodney Smith Jr. caught the charity bug, he couldn’t shake it. Since then, he’s rounded up a whole fleet of do-gooders who love helping those […]

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What He Caught An Elderly Couple Doing In A Restaurant Will Make Your Heart Swell

After decades of marriage, of sleeping with the same person and waking up with them every morning, how do you keep the spark alive? How do you keep things fresh? Well, this husband and wife might just have the key to it all. A lucky restaurant patron caught the cute couple sitting down for a meal together…but it wasn’t the food that they were enjoying — rather, it was the goofy company. This should remind you that […]

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Only A Few Minutes After The Repo Man Took This Couple’s Car, He Did Something To Help Them

Repossession agents, commonly referred to as repo men and women, are definitely no strangers to taking property away from people who are down on their luck. Unfortunately, their job requires them to basically ignore the hardships experienced by those in financial trouble, even if they feel sympathy for them. However, one Illinois man decided to do a good deed for an elderly couple who got behind on their car payment. Jim Ford, co-owner of Illini Asset Recovery, […]

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