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Dog Waits So, So Patiently While His Feline Companion Finishes Eating — Aww

Watching someone else eat when you’re hungry is really hard. When I’m hungry, it seems that all I can do is think about food, and if a friend or co-worker pulls out a sandwich, I just can’t take it anymore. One border collie named Benji found himself in that exact situation when his cat pal Fred was eating dinner one night. Watch Benji gently paw at Fred and kneel down next to him as if to say, […]

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What He Caught An Elderly Couple Doing In A Restaurant Will Make Your Heart Swell

After decades of marriage, of sleeping with the same person and waking up with them every morning, how do you keep the spark alive? How do you keep things fresh? Well, this husband and wife might just have the key to it all. A lucky restaurant patron caught the cute couple sitting down for a meal together…but it wasn’t the food that they were enjoying — rather, it was the goofy company. This should remind you that […]

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