What These Alligators Do Will Shock You. But Definitely Not In The Way You Would Expect. Weird.

The Los Angeles Alligator Farm was a pretty crazy place as seen from these old photos from the Los Angeles Public Library. Located next door to the Los Angeles Ostrich Farm in the Lincoln Heights neighborhood of Los Angeles, CA, it served as both an alligator farm and a major city tourist attraction from 1907 until 1953. It was eventually shut down in 1984 after the annual attendance dropped below 50,000. All the animals were relocated to a private estate in Florida.

The 1920s wasn’t a period of many safety regulations.

Even for kids.

Or dogs.

“I’ll take a glass of your finest milk, barkeep!”

Newborn baby alligators being counted, and boxed for some insane reason.

Nothing beats a nice relaxing massage.

She’s in her 100s now, but I bet this is her Facebook profile picture.

Looked like a pretty crazy place where people got a bit too up close and personal to the gators for my taste. Source: The Los Angeles Public Library Photo Collection Share these antique photos with your friends below.

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