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White men crafting health care bill allow female Senator into formerly uterus-free sanctum

As Twitchy reported, there was plenty of outrage to go around when President Trump and a group of privileged, rich, old, doughy, straight white men gathered at the White House to celebrate the House’s passage of the American Health Care Act, which critics equated with the taking away of women’s health care. Not surprisingly, the 13-member Senate working group charged with drafting its own replacement for Obamacare also came under fire from the organizers of the Women’s […]

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‘Back to 3 white men:’ Lib white media bemoans Diane Sawyer’s retirement

http://twitter.com/#!/washingtonpost/status/481800194733113344 For those few of you dinosaurs who still watch a nightly network newscast to get the day’s “news” 12 hours late, get out your hankies. Diane Sawyer is leaving the building and some dude named David Muir is taking her place as ABC’s nightly newsreader-in-chief. The news has many lib white journalist-y types and lib white dominated news-y type outlets gnashing their collective pearly whites. http://twitter.com/#!/HuffPostMedia/status/481788239884210176 Yeah, that’s the same lib white Huffpo whose D.C. staff […]

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