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Stacey Dash laughs at the haters, thanks fans

http://twitter.com/#!/cwa92464/status/471809330400858113 Stacey Dash’s arrival as a Fox News personality was predictably met with hate and vitriol. A Hollywood actress who happens to be black—how dare she refuse to fall in lock step with the left wing, right? The tolerant and open minded left always drops sneering jabs at anyone who bucks the progressive orthodoxy. http://twitter.com/#!/ScottFeinberg/status/471819268775243776 Good thing for them. Being original is hard. Dash is handling it with good humor and class though. http://twitter.com/#!/REALStaceyDash/status/471806243909009409 So are her fans. http://twitter.com/#!/RahiimGrant/status/471806566963109888 http://twitter.com/#!/CarlosDDavis/status/471807128508706819 http://twitter.com/#!/inperilous1/status/471808143228690433 http://twitter.com/#!/WIMSJ/status/471808996643717120 […]

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scared of this woman [photo]

http://twitter.com/#!/UberKrieger/status/514812532230344704 Watch out, ISIS. Major Mariam Al Mansouri is coming for you! Confirmed: 1st Female pilot for UAE was their team leader in the Syria strikes Monday night -Major Mariam Al Mansouri pic.twitter.com/4Y3FW9WFBr — Bret Baier (@BretBaier) September 24, 2014 here is a story about Maj. Mansouri from June http://t.co/cru3p9maS2 — Bret Baier (@BretBaier) September 24, 2014 From The National: A graduate of Khalifa bin Zayed Air College in 2007, the Major is now a veteran operations pilot, […]

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