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Most People Wouldn’t Care About A Little Goldfish… But Not This Family.

When your beloved pet—your pseudo child—gets sick, you’ll do just about anything to make it better. If it’s an emergency trip to the pet hospital, or surgery that costs thousands of dollars, there’s nothing you wouldn’t do for your furry friend. Usually this means saving the family dog, or even a cherished house cat. But when I saw what this couple did to save their favorite family member, I couldn’t fathom the amount of generosity and love […]

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15 Issues That Matter To LGBT Australians Beyond Marriage Equality

Not being able to get married sucks. But it’s just one of many conversations. We asked attendees at Sydney’s annual Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Fair Day what LGBT issues meant the most to them, with one catch: they couldn’t answer marriage equality. These are the topics people wished got more attention. 1. Queer youth homelessness. View this image › All pictures Anna Mendoza / Buzzfeed 2. Safe and supportive spaces for LGBT people. View this image […]

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Denver police officer shot multiple times during traffic stop

A second-generation Denver police officer has just finished undergoingsurgeryafter he suffered multiple gunshot wounds during a traffic stop today. It’s not yet known if the car was involved in other incidents in Denver. KDVR reports that Officer Lopez might have been unaware thatthere had been a bank robbery and series of carjackings in the area when he performed what he assumed was a routine traffic stop.Denver Police Chief Robert White said the suspects may have been involved […]

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