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‘This is awesome’: Family makes clever alterations to Ray Rice jersey

http://twitter.com/#!/xvioletx1882/status/509387577326321664 The Baltimore Ravens have announced that they will exchange Ray Rice jerseys at the club’s stadium stores, but one family decided to make a clever alteration to their daughter’s jersey. http://twitter.com/#!/ElectricSeaBass/status/509372809920135170 http://twitter.com/#!/bethhoeckel/status/509378823625113600 http://twitter.com/#!/UncleMattyMcFly/status/509404519365902336 http://twitter.com/#!/whatssimmering/status/509448952685412352 Others have been clever too, unveiling the new Ray Rice jersey now that Rice’s contract with the Ravens has been terminated. http://twitter.com/#!/Bearded_Flocka/status/509356966226190337 http://twitter.com/#!/Kusty999/status/509316801134477312   Read more: http://twitchy.com/2014/09/09/this-is-awesome-family-makes-clever-alterations-to-ray-rice-jersey/

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Why is Ray Lewis on TV commenting on protecting the NFL’s reputation?

http://twitter.com/#!/kjmgolf/status/511301984633495552 You may remember that the former Ravens star linebacker Ray Lewis also has some unsavory stuff on his record: How Ray Lewis Got Away With Murder People were wondering why ESPN would have Lewis on to talk about NFL players in trouble with the law. Could someone please tell me why Ray Lewis is on an ESPN panel talking about protecting the reputation of the NFL? #areyoukiddingme? — Greg Floyd (@CBS6Greg) September 14, 2014 .@CBS6Greg @anthonyweiner retweeted by Anthony Weiner […]

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