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Jesse Jackson wants to amend the Constitution because you’re racist

http://twitter.com/#!/The_NeoKong/status/497201258051010560 Of course they can, but the left needs a spin that makes fighting voter fraud look racist. http://twitter.com/#!/RevJJackson/status/497200522101661697 There’s clearly a lot of energy for the idea. As of this posting, of Jackson’s nearly 45,000 followers only 17 gave him the retweet he asked for. [Editor’s Thursday morning update: He’s up to 19 RTs now. Clearly, momentum is building.] http://twitter.com/#!/whitoccur/status/497209882982879232 Heh. http://twitter.com/#!/SnarkBitten/status/497220843479396352 Busted? *** Related Jesse Jackson wishes people would shut up about the pope-bashing retweet he still […]

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Larry Elder questions potential lawsuit from Ebola victim’s family

http://twitter.com/#!/sepepper/status/520907836738789376 The family of Thomas Duncan, who died at a Dallas hospital after flying from Liberia to the U.S. where he was diagnosed with Ebola, is considering a wrongful death lawsuit: Family of #Ebola victim eyes lawsuit http://t.co/WFVebYFrIP by @sarahnferris — The Hill (@thehill) October 10, 2014 Radio host Larry Elder has questions: Help me out. #Ebola Liberian lied to arrive; potentially exposed others; got care on our dime–AND FAMILY THREATENS TO SUE?!!! #Ungrateful — Larry Elder (@larryelder) […]

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