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If You Think A Little Rain Or Snow Is Bad, You Haven’t Seen This Nightmare

After seeing this video from Queensland, Australia, I’m never going to complain about a little rain or snow again. Dealing with some hail during a storm is one thing, but hail the size of golf balls? No, thank you! These bad boys are out to do some serious damage, and if you think they’re dangerous when they fall from the sky, just wait until they start bouncing. Here you can see the massive hail for yourself. I […]

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‘I am broken’: Milo’s editor not a big fan of his submitted manuscript

Simon & Schuster was supposed to have published Milo Yiannopoulos’ book “Dangerous,” but it ended up canceling publication earlier this year, inspiring Yiannopoulos to file a lawsuit. I went to the New York county clerk’s website and found this filing. It includes the entire manuscript with allllllll the editor’s comments as exhibit B. https://t.co/fb9yptldbO — Sarah Mei (@sarahmei) December 28, 2017 As part of its rebuttal, Simon & Schuster filed as an exhibit a complete manuscript of the […]

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