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They Were Just Driving Down The Street When This Creature Came Out Of NOWHERE

We’ve seen some crazy things via dashboard cameras. There was that time someone caught a landslide on film in Taiwan; these folks drove through a forest fire; and sometimes you catch people in adorable dance-offs. But when this driver was stopped at an intersection on a beautiful, sunny day, nothing could have prepared him for what came sprinting into the road! Wait…let’s see that again! YouTube It looks like everyone escaped pretty much unharmed. That could have […]

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Protesters in Cleveland ‘just came up and hit our camera’

Demonstrators protesting the decision not to indict the police officers involved in the shooting death of 12-year-old Tamir Rice forgot to follow the lead set by the University of Missouri and post “No Media Safe Space” signs around Cleveland. Dani Carlson of WOIO-TV has been following the protest march that began this afternoon and notes that the “peaceful” protesters hit the station’s camera and yelled for them to get out. Police successfully blocked both ends of East […]

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