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The Prisoners Fighting California’s Wildfires

As climate change makes the role of inmate firefighters in California increasingly crucial, Americans are beginning to ask whether the type of low-level offenders who qualify for the program even deserve to be locked up. Demetrius Barr pressed his face to the window of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s van as it turned left off Little Tujunga Canyon Road. Instead of the sterile grays of the electrified fences, gravel, and metal detectors he had left behind earlier […]

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The Story Surrounding Gloria Ramirez’s Death Is Seriously Freaky

When we call someone toxic, we usually mean that their behavior is dramatic and manipulative. In this woman’s case, however, the description is actually literal. On February 19, 1994, paramedics rushed Gloria Ramirez, who would later be known as “the toxic lady,” to the emergency room of Riverside General Hospital in Riverside, California. She had advanced cervical cancer, and was experiencing confusion, an increased heart rate, and Cheyne-Stokes respiration, an abormal breathing pattern. Just over 30 minutes […]

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