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Pelosi says 9.5 million now covered thanks to O-care; Byron York has reality check

http://twitter.com/#!/Steve_Jaye/status/450651452571021312 Nancy Pelosi is gushing today over an article in the LA Times: http://twitter.com/#!/NancyPelosi/status/450650031679606784 Just last week, the Dems were rejoicing over a purported 6 million “enrollees.” http://twitter.com/#!/PydePypper/status/450650783781228544 That’s quite a leap. http://twitter.com/#!/ommfgr/status/450651700794122241 http://twitter.com/#!/winojanet/status/450651354550132736 Well, the Dems have made it quite clear that facts just aren’t important to them. But we’re open-minded. We’re willing to consider where this 9.5 million comes from. The Washington Examiner’s Byron York took a closer look: http://twitter.com/#!/ByronYork/status/450665102145257472 Read it and weep: The Times says […]

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