Weapons cache, ISIS flag found buried in Morocco

Secretary of State John Kerry is apparently scaling back his response to terrorist attacks in Europe. Paris, where more than 120 were killed a day after President Obama declared ISIS “contained,” was treated to an acoustic performance by James Taylor, while Brussels, where nearly two dozen were killed in coordinated suicide bombings, had to settle forKerry’s condolences.

In the meantime, authorities overseas have been busy trying to prevent future attacks. We don’t want to appear Islamophobic by making unfounded assumptions, so we’ll let the media tell the story of a possibly unsettling find in Morocco.

Are these reportssuggesting some connection between the weapons and the ISIS flag? According to Reuters:

Police said on Saturday they had discovered a hidden weapons cache and a home-made Islamic State flag in Ceuta, a Spanish enclave in Morocco, and are investigating a possible connection to Islamist militants.

The cache of four pistols, including an air gun modified to shoot live ammunition, two Scorpion sub-machine guns, ammunition and variety of knives, was found in perfect condition and buried on wasteland on Thursday, Spain’s Interior Ministry said.

According to the Daily Mail,Morocco’s head of counter terrorismtold the pressthis week that his unit haddismantled 25 ISIS terror plots in Moroccoin the past year alone. One plot, uncovered in February, was to consist of mustard gasattacks on four cities plus a suicide bomber strike, assisted byweaponssmuggled into the country from Libya.

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