You’ll Never See Stereotypes The Same Way Again After You Read This.

Artist Joel Parés sees the world the way we do, but with a better sense of the underlying subtleties that run our lives. That’s why he recently created the inspiring “Judging America” visual series to highlight the huge problem of stereotypes in America.

When you see these 10 extremely powerful men and women, you’ll understand exactly why Parés chose to focus on this problem. They showcase how even hearing the stories of another person leads you to think certain things that have no basis in reality. These images are incredibly powerful reminders of how we act and think.

1.) Widowed Mother of 3 Kids

2.) Stanford Graduate School Student

3.) Iraqi Combat Veteran

4.) iPhone App Investor Worth Millions

5.) Founder of Family Outreach Program

6.) Harvard Graduate

7.) CEO of a Fortune 500 Company

8.) New York City Nurse

9.) World Famous Painter

10.) Full-Time Pastor/Missionary

(via Elite Daily)

The truth can be powerful, and these images prove that stereotypes are inaccurate and hurtful. It’s awful to assume someone is a certain way because of how society may view their background. Remember these images and help dissolve unfair stereotypes in the world so that they no longer exist.

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