Video: Even ‘Morning Joe’ crew now laughing at lying liar Stephanie Cutter!/alwaysonoffense/status/256353103606059008

It’s hard to resist collapsing in giggle fits at Stephanocchio’s lies. But it happens so often, it’s exhausting!

Even the “Morning Joe” crew got in on the giggling this morning as soon as President Obama’s deputy campaign manager opened her lying yap.

omg, someone tell me @gop has video of @stefcutter being laughed at. even @morningmika thinks she’s delusional…

— Ryan (@alwaysonoffense) October 11, 2012

Hahahahahaha @stefcutter “The race is the same as it was” PANTS ON FIRE!

— Rick Wilson (@TheRickWilson) October 11, 2012

.@stefcutter As soon as Stephanie Cutter opened her mouth and said “The polls haven’t changed”EVERYBODY ON #MSNBC LAUGHED AT HER!

— DarcMarc (@HollowpointWit) October 11, 2012

The polls haven’t changed? Our aching sides can’t take much more!

I got my coffee and thanks to @stefcutter comments, I got a good laugh in already.

— Joe C (@ElJoeC) October 11, 2012


Video? Ask and you shall receive.

Watch @stefcutter get laughed at when she says “I don’t agree with the bleeding” of the Obama campaign.…

— Kevin (@KevOnTheRight) October 11, 2012

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