Unhappy People – Why Some People Would Rather Be Unhappy Than Happy


Do you know how to be happy on the roller coaster ride of life? No matter how well off some people are, they would rather be unhappy than happy. Do you know why? Read on to find out.

Here are a few reasons:

1) They have been wired to think negative from their childhood. They cannot change their attitude. They would rather remain unhappy which is ideal for them.

2) They had suffered from some trauma in their childhood and they cannot change their frown to a smile. They are unable to let go of the past.

3) They compare themselves to others without being aware of the fact that they have fewer problems than their neighbors. Nevertheless, they can’t help envying their neighbors’ assets, properties and their lot.

4) They have never known what peace of mind is. Their life has been a total turmoil and they have been going down with the abyss of darkness. They are unable to turn things around and have cluttered minds. Little do they know there is a way to getting what they want and have peace of mind.

5) They do not follow morning rituals unlike what so many people of modern day do. They like to be lazy and remain unhappy. They have never known the magic of morning rituals.

6) They do not believe in personal development and are rather of the older generation. Personal development has taken the world by the storm and everybody in the modern day wants to become their best version through self-help books and programs. But some people do not find interest in them, remain backward and experience unhappiness all the time.

7) For some people, happiness has no meaning for them. They would rather complain, grumble, blame others, lose their temper, behave badly and remain unhappy.

8) They do not know what would interest them to earn their living. So they stick to toilsome routine work which is not lively or interesting. They haven’t known how easier and flexible it would have been if they found out what they loved to do passionately and monetize it, rolling in money more smoothly. Rather they would do something of monotony bearing no happiness or delight.

When people who remain unhappy cannot be helped, they become outcasts and aliens in the society. Yet probably these people would still like to remain old-fashioned, be out of reach of help and stay unhappy.

Under these circumstances, if an organization like NGO and/or volunteers took some measures to help and make them understand the reality, maybe there could be some fresh round of hope for this minority of unhappy people.

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