Twitter shocker: Brad and Angelina aren’t married yet?!/LinusMonster/status/190871519038152704

Twitterverse was amazed to find out that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie just got engaged. Everyone already assumed the couple had been married for years considering they have nearly a trillion kids together (give or take a few).

Omfg i thought brad and angelina were married thousands of years ago never mind just getting engaged

— Josh Fraser (@JoshFraserr) April 13, 2012

Brad and Angelina getting engaged is anything but interesting news. They already have about 10 kids together….

— P. (@paulagd) April 13, 2012

After 30 kids of every race they finally decide to get engaged. About time Brad and Angelina.

— Kim Kardashian (@KlMNKARDASHlAN) April 13, 2012!/garyhe/status/190873322022649856

The news of Brad and Angelina getting engaged is not very thrilling. I thought they were already married. Sheesh.

— SingleGirl Problems (@SingleGrlProbs1) April 13, 2012

Brad and Angelina are getting married. Good luck to Brad. JK I hate them both I hope they divorce.

— kirsten (@kkkirsten) April 13, 2012!/imhollybtw/status/190874250545078272

Brad and Angelina are engaged! I hear they're registered at Macy's and at a Cambodian orphanage.

— Betty F*ckin' White (@BettyFckinWhite) April 13, 2012

Brad and Angelina are engaged? Shit, I thought they were married already lool!

— Sali ♡ (@BLAME_SALI) April 13, 2012

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