These Foods Will Totally Get You High, Bro. Like, For Real, Dude.

You’d have to be stoned to believe that smoking a banana peel would get you high. Some other websites will fraudulently tell you that. However, the following foods aren’t a bunch of things we wished had the power to make us trip after misplacing our ‘shrooms on a camping trip. These are the real deal. NOTE: We don’t actually advise any of you to try and get high with these foods, but that’s not because it won’t work. Also, please don’t. It’s just a terrible idea.

1. Nutmeg – Consuming 4-8 teaspoons of ground nutmeg might make you hallucinate, but will definitely make you feel awful.

2. Sparidae Fish – If you eat the head of a fish from this family, things can get even weirder than they were when you decided to eat a fish head.

3. Chili Peppers – It would have to be extremely hot, but that episode of “The Simpsons” when Homer is lead through a spiritual journey by a coyote with Johnny Cash’s voice might not be that far off.

4. Rye Bread – When moldy, it’s home to a chemical that can make things pretty trippy.

5. Coffee – Did you conveniently forget that caffeine is a drug again?

6. Stilton Cheese – Consuming 20 grams of Stilton might make you see some SHIT. Which is cool, because that’s the minimum amount of cheese I’ll eat in a sitting.

7. Mulberries – Eating unripe mulberries can make you hallucinate. You’ll want to avoid doing that if intense vomiting is something that you’d consider part of a bad trip.

8. Poppy Seed Bagels – You’d have to eat a lot (like, A LOT) but it’s not like bagels are filling or anything.

9. Areca Nuts – Chewing Areca nuts is similar to drinking coffee or doing cocaine (depending on how much you chew).

10. Stuff With Marijuana In It – This one may seem obvious, but apparently it isn’t to everyone. Take the cop below for example.

(via Cracked, bon appetit) Once again, please do not try to get high from any of these. Not even if you’re bored. (Harsh, we know.) Share this post using the button below.

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