These Adorable Mini Food Sculptures Look Good Enough To Eat.

It’s one thing to wear your heart on your sleeve, but this store wants you to wear your favorite food on your ears. Or maybe around your neck.

Bon AppetEats creates these very lifelike but very tiny versions of all your favorite snacks. Owner and designer Jackie Chaves uses polymer clay to construct each little scrumptious detail with impeccable accuracy. Even though you know they’re not real, it’s still pretty tempting to take a taste. Check ’em out.

Chocolate chip cookie earrings

Hamburger earrings

Cheese charms

Pizza BFF necklace

Avocado earrings

PB & J necklace.

Rainbow cupcake and cake necklaces

Banana charm

Pizza earrings

S’mores necklace

Taco earrings

Egg and bacon earrings

Bento box charm

You can find even more tasty looking trinkets over on Chaves’ website, Etsy and DeviatArt. You can even make a request for any item you’re hankering to wear. 

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