The Next Time I Hear This Famous Song On The Radio, I’ll Never Forget This. I Had No Idea…

When you hear the song “I Drive Your Truck” on the radio, you might not think much of it. It won an award, it’s twangy and catchy.. but it has a meaning behind it that could drop you to your knees in grief. Lee Brice’s songwriters heard a touching story about a heroic soldier and used that as inspiration for the song. (Hear the song at the bottom of this article)

The song just won the Song of the Year award at the 2013 Country Music Awards.

The song’s writers Jessi Alexander, Connie Harrington and Jimmy Yeary revealed that it’s actually based on a true story.

It’s about Jared C. Monti, a Medal of Honor recipient who saved a fellow soldier’s life in Afghanistan.

Jared was killed by an RPG during a firefight in 2006. He was attempting to rescue a wounded soldier that was pinned down.

Jared’s father, Paul Monti, received the Medal Of Honor for Jared at a White House ceremony in 2009.

The song came from an interview the songwriters heard on NPR that Paul Monti gave.

The host asked Paul how he kept Jared’s memory alive, and his response was, “I drive his truck.”

After the Country Music Awards, his father clarified one thing. The song isn’t so much about the truck… as it is about sharing a moment with his deceased son.

The 2001 Dodge Ram, with its rusted bumpers and banged up fenders, still has Jared’s dog tags hanging from the rear-view mirror.

Paul kept the truck the way Jared left it. His shoes are in the back, the cab has notes in it… it’s like Jared just drove it yesterday.

Here’s the award-winning song in case you’ve never heard it.

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