Nancy Pelosi ‘stands tall’ for Obamacare lies; Throws Dems under the bus?!/NancyPelosi/status/402076205454614528

Get ready for Lie-apalooza!!/xmerlyn/status/402084530472763394

Snicker. And that is exactly what happened.!/itworksbydrj/status/402076956285353984

Full tweet via Facebook:!/DanaBordeaux/status/402090585315495936!/f22_me/status/402090651002482688!/JessieUk1/status/402077089601306624!/indyrallen/status/402090347825598464!/conserv2mysoul/status/401816803933839360



Ms. Pelosi doubled-down on Twitter.!/NancyPelosi/status/402087694387265536

Oh, lying liar who lies! Bless your heart.!/jamestaranto/status/402088773699137537

Citizens try to give her a heaping dose of reality.!/w5fhwflash/status/402092575986679808!/ThomasAMaurice/status/402091658361057280!/blazeraider/status/402078213150498819

It’s totally cool though, you guys. Democrats “stand tall” in support of Obamacare, according to Ms. Pelosi.!/BrittanyUSC2011/status/402090917974118401

Oh really? Because it seems like they are running scared and frantically trying to distance themselves from it. But, hey, keep saying y’all “stand tall” in support of a devastating train wreck. It is very much appreciated. Thanks, Nancy!!/seangraf/status/402091824518418433

We can see 2014 from your support. You own it, Democrats.


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