Meme-tastic! ‘That moment’ when FLOTUS’ furious selfie face scores [pics]!/captainstefanie/status/410657998525059072

Ask and ye shall receive! Again.!/PragueArtist/status/410473311588474880

Wiping tears!

Another one enters the mix:!/valkri13/status/410928819915067392

Our sides are aching. Period!

What else can one do to escape the embarrassment that is President Funeral Selfie?!/Carolina_Girl3/status/410539670489952257

Oh the shame.


‘I literally LOL’d!’ What was Jimmy Fallon’s Furious FLOTUS, funeral selfie prediction?

‘Ask and ye shall receive!’ Pat Sajak zings Obama’s selfie; Replies hammer it home [pic]

Have your selfie a merry little Christmas: A postcard from the White House [Photoshop]

Surprise! Guess what ‘subtext’ Oliver Willis sees in hilarious NY Post Obama-jabbing cover

‘HAHA!’ How did ‘headline crush’ NY Post blast President Funeral Selfie, FLOTUS? [pic]

Heh: How will President Selfie react to Time’s Person of the Year choice? [pics]

New angle on Obama’s memorial selfie adds to the drama

Dennis Miller: ‘Obama IS a selfie’

Forget the death glare: Check out what furious FLOTUS did to Obama [pics]

‘The Internet has everything’: Guys, don’t forget this presidential selfie! [pic]

Funeral selfies? Obama’s selfie face, FLOTUS’ furious face at #MandelaMemorial [pics]

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