Media vultures won’t leave Newtown funeral attendees alone!/twgreaney/status/280736351782068224

I think it is completely insensitive of the media to photograph the newtown families at the funeral home…sensationalism at its finest. 🙏

— Katelyn Justice (@KatelynJustice9) December 17, 2012

They don’t know when to stop. Twitchy told you about the media mob that descended on St. Rose of Lima church in Newtown, Conn. over the weekend. We told you about the residents erecting signs and begging journalists to leave them alone. And we told you about the grieving sister of slain teacher Vicki Soto, who asked her friends to hang up on media vultures.

Today, the frenzy continues with reporters swarming the funerals of two of the beautiful children murdered on Friday.

#Newtown > Media outside Greene Funeral Home @ service for little Noah Pozner. Can’t people mourn in peace? Sad. @caitpereira

— Get me out alive!(@getmeoutnews) December 17, 2012

Reporters, of which I’m one, can sometimes be so inhumane. Yelling questions at mourners leaving a #Newtown child’s funeral.

— David Common (@davidcommon) December 17, 2012

I don’t think it’s right for the media to broadcast funeral processions. Especially those for children such as those lost in Newtown.

— McG (@MWM91) December 17, 2012

#Media: understanding the need to report #Newtown, many friends there are asking for privacy, i.e. GO AWAY from the funeral homes!! @cnnbrk

— Melissa (@melissapNYC) December 17, 2012

Media area across street of funeral for 6-year-old Jack Pinto. #newtown #ctshooting @cbsnews @ Newtown, CT

— Adriana Diaz (@adrianasdiaz) December 17, 2012


The media needs to get out of Newtown and especially away from the funeral home. Let the people grieve in peace damn

— Steven George (@stevgeorge99) December 17, 2012

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