Mark Knoller is only WH press corps journo to confront Obama with hard question!/lachlan/status/387657030078853120

As Twitchy reported, President Obama was only too glad to answer questions this afternoon at a press conference — provided the questions were from reporters on Jay Carney’s pre-approved list. As the presser dragged on, viewers were left wondering whether anyone would dare force the president to explain his actions.

Fortunately for us, one pre-approved reporter managed to slip by the White House’s embargo on tough questions.!/jrsalzman/status/387657037867253761

And the winner is … Mark Knoller:!/garysteveneaton/status/387657065046343680

It’s about damn time.!/BretBaier/status/387657155966668801!/msgorman/status/387657417556627456

A great question, indeed. And it’s one that deserves a proper, honest response. Unfortunately, this is Barack Obama we’re dealing with, so we didn’t get one.!/ShannonBream/status/387657363572142080!/oliverdarcy/status/387657406898917376

And President Petulance needs political heat — as long as it’s directed at someone else. While Obama was busy bobbing and weaving around the heart of Knoller’s question, he actually revealed we’ve known along: his sole objective is to inflict as much pain as possible and hold the GOP responsible.!/guypbenson/status/387658078805446656!/derekahunter/status/387657492148547584!/Matthops82/status/387658091451252736

Bingo. This is all about spite, pure and simple. Anyone expecting the buck passer in chief to willingly take responsibility for his actions is foolish — but Knoller’s no fool:!/markknoller/status/387664493272002560

Says it all.


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