Kids Were Caught Urinating On a Homeless Man Last Week. What This Girl Did Restores My Faith In Humanity.

Do you avoid eye contact with needy people you see on the street? Most people forget that the homeless are still human beings. They are people with hopes, dreams, fears and love. They don’t deserve your judgment or disdain. One teen that used to be stuck on the streets decided to do something for the needy that no one else would.

She is an inspiration.

There is an estimated 8,728 homeless people in Seattle. There is only about an 1/8 of that number in shelter beds.

This girl used to be homeless. From the ages of 14 – 17 she lived on the streets because her parents were abusive meth addicts.

She was lucky to get off of the streets, but most of her friends haven’t.

She passes by 10 homeless people or more on her 2.5 mile walk to work. She couldn’t stand to see them so helpless, so she decided to reach out with some food.

She began making packed lunches for them, full of sandwiches, fruit and crackers. A meal can be a priceless gift to someone who is living on the streets.

“Good morning! I hope this comes as a welcome surprise. You probably don’t know who I am, but I’m the chick with the crazy colored hair and lots of face piercings that walks by you in the mornings. I normally pass by at 5:30am, so it makes sense you’re conked out. Anyway, I was homeless for several years and know how much it sucks to wake up and either have to go pan handle for breakfast money, or trek to one of our city’s (few) drop-in centers. So, I thought I would leave you a treat. Enclosed is a sandwich, some condiments, a bag of gold fish crackers, some watermelon, a handful of clementines and an apple. Oh, and some napkins because watermelon is messy (eat the fruit, it’s good for you). I hope you enjoy them. I have not done anything treacherous to them, just wanted to help someone out when I had the means. Just know that someone in this cold, cruel world cares. I hope one day you can find the help you need to get off the streets. Keep your chin up. -Orpheus”

“I think a lot of times people forget that homeless people are still people. Living, breathing people, with dreams, aspirations, fears, everything. It’s just hard to get out of the cycle.”

The next time you see someone who needs help, don’t just callously ignore them. Actually help.


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