Kathy Griffin who? Check out Ben Carson standing by his ‘controversial’ comment about poverty

First, Kathy Griffin posed foran ISIS-style photo shoot with a replica of the president’s bloody, severed head, declaring it an “expression of art.”Then she made a weepy apology video, admitting that she’d gone too far. Then, she held a press conference to complain that she’d been bullied by the Trump family. As much as we’d like to think that was the last we’d hear about Kathy Griffin’s art, we were a little surprised to hear that some people still haven’t come to grips with a controversial interview HUD Secretary Ben Carson sat for in May. If you missed it, Carson’s controversial comment was that poverty is a state of mind, which a lot took to mean that the poor should just believetheir way out of being poor.

Now Carson has donean interview with NPR, during which he stood by that controversial statement even though calling it controversial is about as honest as calling Griffin’s stunt an “expression of art.”

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