It Might Look Like A Beautiful Flower. But You Definitely Don’t Want To Get This For Your Wife.

Although Mother Nature can be beautiful and majestic, she can also find terrifying ways to screw with us. Take the pink orchid mantis, for example. The mantis (Hymenopus coronatus), from a distance, looks like a delicate flower that you would want to pick and place in a vase for all to admire.

But it’s actually a tiny killing machine.

The pink orchid mantis, in all of its terrifying glory, hails from the forests of southeast Asia.

In a cruel twist of fate, this little killer imitates the strikingly beautiful flower, the orchid.

Just so you might accidentally pick it up one day.

And then it would haunt your dreams.


The mantis uses its natural camouflage to lure in unsuspecting prey (and we assume also tourists).

That just goes to show you: if you’re ever outside and walking through a forest, don’t go touching everything you see. In fact, maybe you should just stay inside.

Source: Colossal

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