He Approached A Stray Dog On The Street. What He Did Next Will Warm Your Heart!

As a dog lover, I never want to see one of our furry friends living a life without love.

However, there are dogs that live on the street around the world that don’t get the pets and affection they deserve. Unless someone steps in, they may never get a forever home where their pet parents will hug them and treat them to unconditional love every day. One man, however, is changing that experience for stray dogs in his city.

He loves dogs, so he obviously has a few of his own. He’s really great at giving dog hugs.

He’s also just the right kind of assertive to help shy dogs approach him and he’s totally patient with defensive pups.

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Hugging dogs seems like his real passion, and I have to say that I’d be totally on board for doing this every day, too.

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