Glenn Greenwald fascinated by ‘so little’ sympathy for Gitmo detainees!/ctsa/status/474305564902580224

Edward Snowden superfan, author and former Guardian journalist Glenn Greenwald believes there are forgotten people in the debate about Bowe Bergdahl who are deserving of sympathy but not getting enough:!/ggreenwald/status/474294254076825600

Let’s get this question out of the way quickly:!/thelidlives/status/474294462425096192

No joke apparently.!/mooretommyh/status/474303256584142848!/CLEguru/status/474296399580758016

The following was asked:!/YouTooCongress/status/474294587612467200

Greenwald responded this way:!/ggreenwald/status/474294851442204673

If it makes Greenwald feel better, there does appear to be some sympathy for Gitmo detainees:!/jalepanos/status/474295307304321025!/HumbertoOhana/status/474300907543601152



Brad Thor has an unsettling reminder about the Gitmo recidivism rate

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