#FutureMittJokes has lefties gleeful over ‘priceless’ race-baiting; Conservatives hijack


When you’ve been dealt a bad hand, you can still play the race card. At least that’s the strategy liberals subscribe to. After Mitt Romney cracked a birth certificate joke earlier today, the Left experienced nothing short of a major meltdown. Bereft of any rational thought, they decided to birth a ludicrous hashtag game, #FutureMittJokes.

A handful miraculously managed to keep race out of it:

Hey don't blame me for going birther. I was just getting back at Trump for stealing my, "You're fired" line #futuremittjokes

— J P (@histino) August 24, 2012

No one can accuse me of not knowing how to hide my money in the Cayman Islands or Swiss Banks to dodge paying taxes on it. #futuremittjokes

— emal (@emal29) August 24, 2012

"No one's ever asked to see the disclosure forms of that Cayman Islands trust fund in Rafalca's name… Oh shit." #futuremittjokes #p2 #p21

— Robert Crawford (@jurassicpork59) August 24, 2012

No one has ever held me down and cut my hair #futuremittjokes

— O.H. OriginalHanksta (@dahanksterF15) August 24, 2012

"You should vote for me, because I am the biggest tax cheat in America! Only the little people pay taxes." Mitt Romney #futuremittjokes

— georgiaguy8 (@georgiaguy8) August 24, 2012


— Quite Lowbrow (@droogie6655321) August 24, 2012

The 19th Amendment. Bwahahaha! #futuremittjokes

— Mittens The Great (@RomneyShambles) August 24, 2012

But most just couldn’t resist:

Barack Obama is only three-fifths the man I am. #futuremittjokes

— Paul Conrad (@Paul_Conrad) August 24, 2012

“No one complained that I ‘took their spot’ when I got into college.” #futuremittjokes

— Jamelle Bouie (@jbouie) August 24, 2012

"It's called the *White* House for a reason!" #FutureMittJokes

— Jayelle (@GreenEyedLilo) August 24, 2012

Hello to all my hispanic landscapers in attendance #futuremittjokes

— J P (@histino) August 24, 2012

“The police don’t stop and arrest me when I walk into my nice home.” #futuremittjokes

— Jamelle Bouie (@jbouie) August 24, 2012

"when I reach into my pocket to get my wallet out nobody shoots at me" #futuremittjokes

— Liam Liwanag Burke (@liamlburke) August 24, 2012

"No one asked me if my favorite food was watermelon." #futuremittjokes

— James Downie (@jamescdownie) August 24, 2012

#futuremittjokes No one ever asked me to play the banjo and eat watermelon.

— Cecil Thunder (@cecilthunder) August 24, 2012

"Now I've not had my opponent's supporters compare *my* wife to a monkey…" #futuremittjokes

— Oliver Willis (@owillis) August 24, 2012

No one's ever called me "uppity." #futuremittjokes

— Nerdy Wonka (@NerdyWonka) August 24, 2012

"President Obama is black. I know plenty of black people working at my country club or as household help for rich friends." #futuremittjokes

— georgiaguy8 (@georgiaguy8) August 24, 2012

No one ever burnt a cross on *my* lawn. #futuremittjokes

— Imani ABL (@AngryBlackLady) August 24, 2012

#futuremittjokes "I just wear this robe and pointy hat with hood for sun protection." #gop #tcot #p2 #p2b #ctl #mittromney

— Badlifestyle (@Badlifestyle) August 24, 2012

#futuremittjokes "That Nazi flag hanging on my living room wall in no way reflects my views." #mittromney #gop #tcot #p2 #p2b

— Badlifestyle (@Badlifestyle) August 24, 2012

Get it? Because Mitt’s a closet Nazi!

Conservatives weren’t about to let lefties get away with their garbage-spewing, and they fought back with good old-fashioned hashtag-hijackage:



@JustPlainBill #FutureMittJokes I hear now that Obama's out of office he's going to be on a sitcom "The Fresh Prince of Bill Ayers".

— Mike Barr (@maxnrgmike) August 24, 2012

#futuremittjokes I was told I don't have experience for president because I never worked as a community organizer.

— Conservapedia (@jay_pe) August 24, 2012


@JonahNRO #futuremittjokes The President's career really "BLEW UP" when he met Bill Ayres and Bernadine Dohrn.#betterromneypunchlines

— G.L.I.T.C.H. (@jdftgadsden) August 24, 2012

I like dogs, but I don't think I could eat a whole one. #futuremittjokes #obamajokes

— #WarOnLeftists (@corrcomm) August 24, 2012

A guy goes to Dr: "It hurts when I laugh." Dr: "You'll have to wait, but I'm glad yr laughing. #obamacare #ACA #futuremittjokes @virtualbri

— Charlet Faye (@CharletFaye1) August 24, 2012

#futuremittjokes "They want to put y'all back in chains!" Oh, WAIT…

— CoolCzech (@CoolCzech1) August 24, 2012

#futuremittjokes Have you heard the one about Biden's latest racist comment? #rimshot

— Billy Jones (@masquer08er) August 24, 2012

#futuremittjokes Hey Obama, show us the #Israel stamp on your passport.

— Liars Never Win (@liars_never_win) August 24, 2012

#futuremittjokes. Biden walks into a door…..

— Tool Seller (@Toolseller) August 24, 2012

"I saw the movie "Night of the Living Dead." It was full of Obama voters" #futuremittjokes

— Stuart (@Ringo6) August 24, 2012

#futuremittjokes Nobody ever accused me of wanting to "spread the wealth around." Except my own.

— Brian Jones (@FlashHeart59) August 24, 2012

That’s right. Romney spreads his wealth around of his own volition.

#futuremittjokes Nobody has asked me why my party can't pass a budget.

— Billy Jones (@masquer08er) August 24, 2012

#futuremittjokes Obama promises if reelected, he'll make sure to get at least 1 member of Congress to vote for his budget. 414-0 & 97-0

— Conservapedia (@jay_pe) August 24, 2012

#futuremittjokes i cant wait to Recieve Nobel Peace Prize

— dm (@danmoda) August 24, 2012

@aggedor_Hobbit #FutureMittJokes Guy came up to me & said he hadn't had a bite in 3 days, so I got him a dog costume and Obama bit him.

— JLThorpe (@JLThorpe) August 24, 2012

Did you hear the one about the autobiography with real people in it? #futuremittjokes

— Stuart (@Ringo6) August 24, 2012

Pretty sure that’s a win, right there.

The hashtag war’s still waging, but we’re feeling good about the eventual outcome.

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