Feeling Lucky?


During the month of March, I often reflect on my Irish heritage and how I was told as a kid that the luck of the Irish was with me. I often wondered what that meant, as I certainly did not feel lucky to be me as a child. I grew up in a very large Irish Catholic family that was rather stoic and distant. As an empath from birth,I have always had a very sensitive psychic and emotional nature..I didn’t fit in very well with my family of origin whose main way of expressing emotion was through anger. I learned to hide my intuition and to protect my vulnerable feelings.

Luckily for me, when I went to college, I met an elderly instructor that would change my life. Her name was Pat Korb and she was a Gestalt therapist. In addition to teaching me psychology, she taught me about loving all the parts of myself and opening up to my emotions and intuition as a gift rather than a burden. Under her tender and wise tutelage, I began to unlock the myriad of pent up feelings that had been buried for years. This was the beginning of my journey in learning to love, accept and appreciate myself. to At the tender age of nineteen, I never imagined it would be over 40 years later when I would finally say ” I love all of me, how lucky I am to be me.

As an identical twin, I always felt my twin was smarter than me. Her left brain reasoning was and still is more developed than mine. But now, I have learned to value my intuitive abilities and my right brain creative facilities as a priceless gift from my creator.. No longer am I embarrassed to see, feel, hear and know things that don’t fit into the norm. No longer do I compare myself and feel less than others, who can compute long mathematical equations in their heads. Now I relish who I am, and how I am, and I feel grateful that I am psychic, sensitive,and empathetic. I have learned to appreciate my own uniqueness, without having to measure up to anybody else’s idea of how I should be.

Perhaps you too as a child were not honored for your innate gifts and did not feel lucky to be who you were in your family. If that is the case, I want to encourage you to seek deep within your heart for your true voice and creative expression in life. When you allow yourself to be your very own unique self, then you are indeed lucky.

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