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As we’ve covered extensively here at Twitchy, Attorney General Eric Holder scurried under President Obama’s protective skirt as the president asserted executive privilege over controversial Fast and Furious documents. Of course, that didn’t stop the House Oversight Committee from voting to hold Holder in contempt.

This action prompted Twitter to describe #EricHolderInThreeWords.

The results, as usual, don’t disappoint.

"Documents? What Documents?" #EricHolderInThreeWords

— ConservaKat (@ConservaKat) June 21, 2012

The Chicago Way #EricHolderinThreewords

— Cory Emberson (@pursueliberty) June 20, 2012

#EricHolderInThreeWords You're all Racists

— Bella Pelosi (@BellaPelosi) June 21, 2012

Held In Contempt. #EricHolderInThreeWords

— Justen Charters (@JustenCharters) June 20, 2012

#EricHolderInThreeWords Laws? What laws!

— LittleMissRightie (@LilMissRightie) June 20, 2012

#EricHolderinThreewords Pants on fire

— Athena (@VintagePrecious) June 20, 2012

#EricHolderInThreeWords Ends Justify Means

— kim jossfolk (@shoegal90) June 21, 2012

#EricHolderInThreeWords : Department Of Injustice

— Survive The Collapse (@survivecollapse) June 20, 2012

#EricHolderInThreeWords Rob Blago's cellmate

— Pattie Messina (@tocuteforprison) June 21, 2012

Inept, Irresponsibile, Contempt #EricHolderInThreeWords

— Demetrius Minor (@dminor85) June 21, 2012

#EricHolderInThreeWords Immoral lying coward

— Kristen Campbell (@kcampbell92) June 21, 2012

In the same vein, liberals on Twitter took on the task of describing #DarrellIssainThreeWords. You’ll notice a stark contrast in how vulgar their descriptions are.

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