DRAMA TRYOUTS TODAY: Journalists want Hillary to ‘literally grovel’ to atone for her emails

Here’s a reality check: the book the actual, physical, hardcover book covering Hillary Clinton’s losing 2016 campaign was published a month and a half ago. That, combined with the fact that it’ll be June 1 tomorrow, would suggest there’s not much more to say about the election. Of course, that’s not the case. Clinton herself spoke atRecodes Code Conference Wednesday and added to her ever-growing list ofall of the people who failed her, includingthe DNC, from which she inherited nothing but bad data, and the New York Times, which covered her email scandal “like it was Pearl Harbor.”

NBC News’ Ken Dilanian dared to suggest that never once during her long walks in the woods did it dawn on Clintonthat maybe there wouldn’t have been any coverage of her home-brew email server had she never set up a home-brew email server.

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