Chris Matthews: ‘Previous kamikazes’ more patriotic than Karl Rove [video]!/T_RyanMartinez/status/466719581131005953

Karl Rove caused a stir recently when he suggested that Hillary Clinton’s fall in 2012 could have caused a traumatic brain injury.

Chris Matthews was displeased with the former Bush adviser’s remark, to the point of calling Rove a “kamikaze,” but not the “patriotic” kind like “previous kamikazes”:!/AndrewStilesUSA/status/466723263411138562

From the Washington Free Beacon:

“That’s tough with Karl Rove, who likes getting hurt,” Matthews said. ”He’s a strange one. Anyway, I really do think he is a Kamikaze, and I’m not knocking previous Kamikazes, ok? Just him. They’re patriotic people. He’s a killer dog.”

Dozens of Allied ships were sunk by the desperate Japanese suicide pilot attacks toward the end of World War II.

Um, ok.!/ThisIsJoshSmith/status/466727061587898368!/FrankFunaro/status/466718638964486144

The obligatory comment about Chris Matthews:!/Elgianne/status/466724842927300608

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