‘B*tch got a dancing horse’: Snoop Dogg’s reasons to vote Obama, not Romney


Snoop Dogg is sharing his thoughtful and researched reasons to vote for Obama and not vote for Romney. How did he find the time in between the munchies? Warning: Vulgarity alert! We know. Vulgar and Snoop Dogg? Who would have thunk it?

Oh, my. The hilarity certainly ensued when Snoop Dogg posted the list to Instagram.

Snoop Dogg Instagram's Anti-Romney List — 'He's a White N**ga' http://t.co/6UM9WdJd

— TMZ (@TMZ) October 5, 2012

'He's hugged Beyonce before and sniffed her neck': Snoop Dogg explains why he's voting for Obama in an epic list http://t.co/eJm10PlR

— Huffington Post (@HuffingtonPost) October 5, 2012

But, don’t ask if he’s now Snoop Lion. This Twitter user has had enough of that.

RT @Arr: Hey, let's all agree to stop going "wait isn't he Snoop Lion now" whenever anyone mentions Snoop Dogg

— garret (@gtvrhs) October 5, 2012

Now, Snoop Dogg is doubling-down on the snort-worthy cuckoo pants, and is tweeting it out. Just in case you missed it. He also gave a shout-out to the originator of the list.

I just made a list for why Im voting for Obama and not voting for Romney. http://t.co/lX52HNmt

— D'Brickashaw (@DragonflyJonez) October 4, 2012

Noted political expert Snoop Dogg has some more advice.


Double oh, my. Twitter users are gasping for breath over his oh-so-insightful list.

Read Snoop Dogg's incredible explanation for why he's not voting for Mitt Romney. http://t.co/FB4niThb

— someecards (@someecards) October 5, 2012

Coming soon to an e-card near you? “He’s a Mormon, but he ain’t got no hoes.”

Snoop Dogg's reasons for not voting for Mitt Romney. I particularly like number three pic.twitter.com/dMCcyRpR

— Luke Lewis (@lukelewis) October 5, 2012

Snoop Dogg weighs in on the historic ideological decision facing America next month #unbeliveablyfunny pic.twitter.com/sV1utUdz

— Ben Plummer (@BP1ummer) October 5, 2012

I really hope more Americans sit down and thoughtfully compare our two Presidential candidates like Snoop Dogg: http://t.co/VULu0Px7

— Matthew Hurtt (@matthewhurtt) October 5, 2012

No really, this is the best thing you'll read all day http://t.co/Fq7WM8Cz

— Kemberlee Kaye (@KemberleeKaye) October 5, 2012

This Twitter user wonders where the Racism Police are.

Snoop's presidential pro/con list: http://t.co/RQrSGZq5 But racism is only on the right, right? #icallbs

— Marybeth Hicks (@MarybethHicks) October 5, 2012

Game changer?!

Snoop Dogg's itemized list of why he'll vote Obama and not Romney will undoubtedly sway undecided voters http://t.co/bef2yTPv

— Hari Kunzru (@harikunzru) October 5, 2012


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