Ashley Judd slams Apple customers for ‘financing mass rape,’ still uses iPhone!/darlingdelilah/status/311264562496274433

In 2010, possible Senate candidate Ashley Judd accused Apple customers of “financing mass rape” by buying products that contain conflict minerals — minerals mined in regions where human rights atrocities occur.

Ashley Judd sure accuses a lot of people of rape. Apple users, coal miners, anyone who breathes or eats.

— Cruz Lovin Cuban (@Sharks3376) March 11, 2013

Here’s what she wrote:

AppIe is known for the clean lines of their products, the alluring simplicity of their designs. Dare I….go so far….as to suggest…this signature cleanness is stained by the shit and urine of raped women’s leaking fistulas?

I dream of the day when Apple and other electronics companies fully commit to Tracing, Audting, and Certifying the minerals they use in their products, and rape minerals are successfully excluded from the marketplace.

Even though Judd expanded the definition of rape to include owning an iPad, she admitted at the time that she was among the Apple customers guilty of supporting “brutal exploitation, extortion, violence, rape, rape, rape.” Typical “do as I say, not as I do” slacktivism from the celebrity Left.

After publishing her essay, she continued speaking out against conflict minerals …

Then over to eastern Congo, for connection between conflict minerals used in our electronics, mass rape, & forcibly displaced persons.

— ashley judd (@AshleyJudd) July 14, 2011

… while using her beloved Apple products. But she, like, totally felt guilty about it and stuff. And besides, she wrote an essay!

@flashinmuskoka Thanks for updates! Can’t get webcast on my dang iPad. Grrrr

— ashley judd (@AshleyJudd) July 10, 2011

No diary today website. Was too excited talking to cohort & left computer & iPad!Further proof my excitement is a 10: fever blister!

— ashley judd (@AshleyJudd) July 17, 2011

My delight for the day?? An iPhone app w/ @dariofranchitti!!!

— ashley judd (@AshleyJudd) September 30, 2011

What do you think of Twitter’s new look? It’s very easy for iphone but I don’t like the display of “who to follow,” it intrudes!

— ashley judd (@AshleyJudd) January 15, 2012

Listening for the umpteenth time to the beautiful Archbishop Tutu’s book, “God Has A Dream,” on my iPod. His voice reading it? So precious.

— ashley judd (@AshleyJudd) August 3, 2012

Judd continues to tweet from her iPhone. Note the “via Twitter for iPhone” that appears below some of her recent tweets.


In Apple’s 2013 Progress Report, the company boasts that it is “committed to using conflict-free minerals.”

Apple suppliers are using conflict-free sources of tantalum, are certifying their tantalum smelters, or are transitioning their sourcing to already certified tantalum smelters. We will continue to work to certify qualified smelters, and we’ll require our suppliers to move their sourcing of tin, tungsten, and gold to certified conflict-free sources as smelters become certified.

“Transitioning,” huh? So Apple has made a laudable effort, but it’s not quite there yet.

If Judd declares her candidacy for the U.S. Senate, will the media ask her why, by her own measure, she remains dedicated to funding mass rape?


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