All You Need Is A Few Pieces Of Wood To Make This Beautiful Headboard

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of purchasing furniture, then you know the stuff can cost a small fortune.

And that’s why projects like this one are so amazing. Imgur user FromDustToGlory recently taught the world that anyone can have a beautiful piece for their home without taking out a second mortgage.

With a few pieces of wood, she put together a stunning headboard for about $30. Take that, Pottery Barn!

Using six 1 x 6″ pine boards, she first cut them down to 60 inches each. The crafter then made a 32-inch reinforcement board.

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Next, she sanded them to ensure that each piece had an even finish.

After that, the horizontal boards were stacked, the reinforcement slat added up the middle, and two thinner pieces laid out on each side.

She added six screws to the vertical board — one on each horizontal plank — for security.

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The same thing was done with the lateral boards.

She didn’t want her headboard to be too tall, but you could adjust yours to suit your needs.

Once it was put together, all she needed to do was stain it!

How beautiful is that? It doesn’t get much simpler!

For full instructions, be sure to check out FromDustToGlory’s original post. If you’ll excuse me, I have to go to Home Depot.

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