You Can Build A Beautiful Fire Pit In Your Backyard With Stones And Cement Blocks

The ability to adapt is key when you’re an avid do-it-yourselfer.

While progressing through your build, you may find that something isn’t quite right. Sometimes, you might even be tasked with tackling techniques that you haven’t tried before, such as woodworking or masonry. Luckily for us, there are video tutorials for just about everything online.

When alr227 set out to build a fire pit with a patio, he never expected that his project would become a massive endeavor. By the time all was said and done, however, the yard was beautifully transformed.

He began by digging out the desired shape for the fire pit.

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He then added gravel to the hole and bricks to serve as supports for the wall base.

He secured the base with Quikrete cement.

His canine friend wasn’t much help, so he had to stack the cement blocks by himself.

He used mortar to bind them together.

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For extra sturdiness, he used more Quikrete in the cells of the bricks as well.

He thought it to be helpful to add a second row of bricks for a thicker wall.

Then he marked off the patio using gravel.

The original patio design was a half circle, but it eventually evolved into this oval shape.

For that reason, alr227 added another row of bricks around the perimeter.

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He spread a level of gravel and yellow sand on the patio.

The crafter chose this awesome flagstone veneer for the sides.

Once again using mortar, he attached the veneer stones to the entire structure.

After that, he laid down the pavers.

With a layer of grout, the patio was almost ready!

Beautiful, right?

All that was left to do was install the fire pit with a kit he purchased from a local retailer.

His finished fire pit and patio would make even the most experienced craftsman jealous.

Hey alr227, I’ll just be over here waiting for you to invite me to your next backyard party. To try this for yourself, click here for full instructions.

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