What I Just Discovered Underground In Europe Blew My Mind. I Cannot Believe This Exists… Wow.

The subway in Stockholm, Sweden, is unlike any other metro system in the world. Although different subway systems throughout Europe tend to decoration their stops (like the Paris metro, for example), Stockholm’s metro system is seemingly dedicated to taking fantastical art deep beneath the city’s streets. The subway system has 100 stations, with each stop sporting a different design. Some show exposed rock, and others tile, but all of them have one thing in common: they are awesome.

Many stations feature bright, eye-popping colors.

It’s almost a shame to leave each stop.

Others have statues carved into the rock walls.

Almost every metro stop has a theme.

And whether that theme is based in rock or tile, they are all incredible.

If you’re ever stuck at a stop while using the Stockholm subway, don’t fear, because the vibrant station designs will soon give you a small case of Stockholm Syndrome.

Source: visualnews.com

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