Was Fast and Furious cover-up planned all along?


This evening, explosive new details are emerging in the Fast and Furious scandal that led to the contempt vote yesterday against Attorney General Eric Holder.

It's right THERE in docs – They planned the coverup before Grassley asked a single question. Blatant and sickening. http://t.co/2vEh2QSC

— Matthew Boyle (@mboyle1) June 29, 2012

The Daily Caller reports tonight:

House oversight committee chairman Rep. Darrell Issa and Iowa Republican Sen.  Chuck Grassley are asking the Department of Justice’s internal investigator to hold accountable anyone who retaliated against or threatened to retaliate against Operation Fast and Furious whistleblowers.


The two lead Fast and Furious investigators also released new, never-before-public documents that show officials in ATF’s Washington headquarters were trying to cover up Fast and Furious two weeks before Grassley  ever even asked about it.

Grassley didn’t confront the Justice Department or ATF with those questions until Jan. 27, 2011, but ATF headquarters had prepped internal talking points as early as Jan. 12, 2011.

In that Jan. 12, 2011, memo, ATF officials laid out expected questions about gunwalking in Fast and Furious and Border Patrol agent Brian Terry’s murder with Fast and Furious weapons – and canned answers ATF officials were supposed to  give to press or anyone else asking about it.

Twitter has exploded this evening as news of this development and secret Dept. of Justice wiretaps came to light on Friday.

Geraldo doesn't know Issa has wiretaps signed off by top DOJ officials that proves they KNEW details of Fast & Furious. #tcot #p2 #teaparty

— Squeaky Wheel (@GetsGreased) June 30, 2012


#FastandFurious Noose Tightens Around Justice Department http://t.co/pT9mwfNm via @PJMedia_com

— David Morgan (@StarCoreOne02) June 30, 2012

EJ Dionne agrees w/ NRA sez Fast+Furious "designed to show how … our gun laws are feeding guns down into Mexico." http://t.co/z9VIXTNg

— Mickey Kaus (@kausmickey) June 30, 2012

Progressives on Twitter are also increasing their desperate attempts tonight to shift blame away from Holder and President Obama and onto former President George W. Bush or the National Rifle Association.

@GeorgiaMist Listen, dumbass, Fast & Furious was GEORGE W. BUSH's program – not Obama's. It's BUSH'S fault. Now #STFU, you idiot.

— Kate UniteBlue (@LeftsideAnnie) June 30, 2012

#p2 RT @bardgal: Fast & Furious: Issa is NRA's bitch to help NRA continue their international arms trafficking cash cow pic.twitter.com/Kn1WAciF

— ⭐ The Adversary ⭐ (@AdversAerialOne) June 30, 2012

The bait and switch blame operation is now being spearheaded by U.S. Rep. Elijah Cummings, Issa’s Democratic counterpart of the House Oversight Committee.

FATALLY FLAWED: True story of how Operation Fast & Furious originated in 2006 under Bush Admin. By Elijah Cummings http://t.co/6FsGicvU

— Captain Clarion (@citizensrock) June 30, 2012

Of course lost in all of the blame-shifting by the Left is concern about the deaths of Border Agent Brian Terry and Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents Jaime Zapata and Victor Avila and scores of Mexican civilians.


@RepMarkCritz So wht r u doing to get to the bottom of the allegation? 2 US agents and HUNDREDS of Mexicans r dead because of Fast & Furious

— Nick Stuart (@nikki4th) June 30, 2012

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