This Popular Internet Challenge Isn’t Just Dumb, It’s Also Incredibly Unsafe

Salt and ice burns are nothing new, but thanks to a new internet challenge, it’s reaching more people than ever. It’s gotten so out of hand, in fact, that some kids have been sent to the hospital.

When I was a teenager, my two brothers and I went to camp. To be one of the “cool kids,” you had to have a salt and ice burn. I made a teeny-tiny burn and barely made the club, but my brothers? They came home with giant craters in their hands. Understandably, my parents were pissed!

Today, kids, teens, and young adults have unfortunately revitalized salt and ice burns with the help of the internet. They pour a bit of salt on their hand or arm, place ice on the area, and then see how long they can take it.

The result looks something like this. And yes, honey, it is going to stay like that for quite some time.

Salt and ice burns are painful and dumb, but that’s not the worst thing about them.

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