They Saved These Horses During Hurricane Irma. Wait’ll You See Where They Kept Them!

During natural disasters, many pets are sadly abandoned and left to fend for themselves. For this family, however, that just wasn’t an option.

Drew and his wife from Horses That Help, a nonprofit group that works with rescued and rehabilitated horses to help children with special needs, had originally planned on moving their eight horses to a pasture reserve in Tennessee to keep them away from Hurricane Irma — but they decided to stay after weather forecasters predicted South Florida wouldn’t be hit head on.

Unfortunately, it was too late for them to evacuate when that changed, so they did the only thing they could think of to keep their horses safe from the elements — ride out the storm with them inside their Palm Beach home.

After clearing out all the furniture and laying down rubber mats, tarps and panels, the family turned their living room into a makeshift horse stall and brought all eight of their buddies in.

Of course, they knew having them in the house was far from ideal, but to them, it was much better than the alternative.

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“It’s our job to protect them,” they wrote

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